K - the store allows kids avatars
F - the store allows furry avatars
A - adult land

Shops with "x" before number are not ready yet, I will update this page ASAP :)

1. *diavolicious* - "Is she an angel or the devil, I can't tell
All I know is how hard I fell
She can be so beautiful but have an evil grin
She's so innocent, but she's full of sin
You can see her halo in the right light
But you can find her horns coming out at night"**K, F**
2. Shiny Shop - 
3. FlufferNutterz - "Catching a ride, I will be there next year. " **K, F**
4. Les Sucreries de Fairy - "I love cherries" **K, F**
5. Eye Candi - "Look for Kate and Chanel." **K, F**
6. Pampered Pets - 
7. Homes with a Heart - "There is no snow on the Prairie."  **K, F**
8. Cortes'n'Rossini - 
9. Condemned Designs - "All you need is the stairway to heaven!" **K, F**
10. KUE! - "Sleeping snugly near one of 4 identical green pillows" **K, F**
11. EBDesign - The little Shop - 
12. *Zari* - "This looks like a good corner to curl up and take a nap." **K, F**
13. Phil's Texture Junction - "He's spending his time guarding a floor display downstairs!" **K, F**
14. ..::Samsara Design Clothes::.. - "To find the award go to reach the maximum" **K, F**
15. Kis Kis - "Shelved and put far away." **K, F**
16. Cupcake Clothing - 
17. Vicarious Vitae - "find me with the other animals :)" **K, F**
x 18. PNP (Props-N-Poses) - 
19. ~Lantian~ - "Do not make LIGHT of this hint, Go to the SOUTH and you'll find it." **AF**
x 20. Kuroi ::KK:: Koneko - 
21. Battle Angel - " Ice Bear likes the ducks ^^" **K, F**
22. not ready yet
23. Dakota Touch - "can't be that cold next to fire and under the cloth" **K, F**
x 24. Wall Candy - 
25. ..:: PopCorn ::.. - "Us polar bears need to take some fresh air sometimes"  **K, F**
26. T&P - "Hug me on the couch!"  **K, F**
27. Shadow Moon - "Wrapped up Tight."  **K, F**
28. Pacific Sunrise - "Polar Bears like to chase Orca Tails." **K, F**
29. Cleo Design - "If you want to draw you can find me there.."  **K, F**
30. C.B.Design Furnitures - 
31. Ra!nDrOp !! Shop - "I like money so ill be around it all the time ;P" **K, F**
32. Simply Whimsey - "I am very comfy among the pillows!" **K, F**
33. The Happy Hat - "I tend to travel around. Click the hint to see where I can be found.. " **K, F**
34. Mindshift Christmas - "Reindeers will show you the way" **K, F**
35. Mori's Pants - *MP* - MP Designs - "I'm chillin' in a winter wonderland" **K, F**
36. [Diesel Creations Ltd.] - "Since When Are Polar Bears Cry Babies?" **K, F**
37. Holly's Market - "The prize is a penguin so look for a Penguin hiding what you seek" **K, F**
x 38. Trashtastic! Designs! - 
39. .:WAP DESIGN:. - "Look in my eyes..." **K, F**
40. Tribal Soul Designs - "Careless sometimes is good!" **K, F**